tiketcom FAQ

Hiring Process

  1. Set your destination

    If you have one ticket to fly anywhere, where would you go? Understand the job description and select your most suitable job role.

  2. Sit tight! We are processing your ticket

    We will review your application, CV, and portfolio to make sure you are the best person suitable for the seat.

  1. Have a chat with our Flight Attendants

    Our Talent Acquisition team will call you to understand your career destination and aspiration you’d like to explore.

  2. Complete the administrations

    Some roles might need a technical test. Make sure you have completed and send back the test to our Flight Attendants.

  3. Meet our Captain and cockpit Crew

    Every career destination at tiket.com is unique. You will have several interviews with our Hiring Managers.

  1. Congratulations! Your seat has been reserved

    We will send you the offer letter, and details of the package fees. The qualified passenger deserved the first-class seat.

  2. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to fly with us

    Welcome on board to tiket.com. As a t-fam, our entire Crew can’t wait to see you grow and witness your next big thing in the industry.

Frequently Ask Question

If you really love traveling, the benefit will be a good fit for you. For sure, tiket.com is not for everyone. Those who seek challenges and personal growth will quickly adapt. This is a place where you can make a legacy and still create an impact to the travel and tourism industry even if the journey ends.

We try to make sure everyone is HAPPY and we believe t-Fam is the best to speak about it. This is what they say.

We have our own system called Flexi Working Arrangements. The point is, it’s up to you to work from anywhere or from the office. But we want you still have physical interaction with your colleague. This is what our CEO said about the policy.

Nope, we can’t state the exact number since it is different for each function and role. But it’s truly competitive.

We don't have any special programs at the moment. But we’re always hiring interns every year.

Well.. they are indeed cool. Imagine you design the tiket.com experience for our millions of users. If you are interested, make sure you understand the requirements

Absolutely yes! You can apply for more than 1 job opening.

Well, just sit tight; our Talent Acquisition team will review your CV. If in 3 weeks, you don't receive any email or call from us, your information will go into our recruiter's shared candidate database. This means you may be contacted for other opportunities within tiket.com at a later date.

Well, first thing first, here is our official social media account for hiring:

  1. Instagram: peopleattiket
  2. LinkedIn: tiket.com
  3. Spotify: peopleattiket
  4. YouTube: people at tiket

Next, make sure that you got an email from someone with “@tiket.com” domain. You can also go to our LinkedIn page and check whether they are t-Fam or not. Remember, we never ask for your personal credentials and money during the hiring process.

If you, by any chance, find a mysterious email pretending to be someone from tiket.com, please report it to ta@tiket.com.